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 Spences Lane, Lewes - October 2000  The major Lewes (Sussex) flood of 12 October 2000 occurred when the River Ouse overflowed its banks between Barcombe and the town itself.  It devastated all the low-lying inhabited areas of the town, including the central Cliffe commercial hub, and affected over 800 residential and business properties.

Lewes Flood Action

is a voluntary campaigning group which came into being in early 2001 at a meeting of some 200 Lewes residents and business people who had been flooded and wished to ensure that the town received proper protection from river flooding in the future.

Campaigning Work

The group has worked ever since to promote this aim by alerting the local community and the responsible authorities to the town's flood protection and river management needs.  Activities have included research into the flood insurance problems experienced by local residents and the organisation of a major letter writing campaign in support of better national funding of flood defences.



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